LED Bulb Useful Tips to Stop Flashing Your LED Bulb

LED Bulb Useful Tips to Stop Flashing Your LED Bulb

Have you completely switched to LED lighting? Then you will probably realize that the LED lighting starts to blink or flash at annoying times. Although many people soon think that this indicates that the LED lamp will break down. Or that the LED lamp is of poor quality, it is not often the case. Fortunately without too much technical knowledge. You can perform several operations to stop flashing LED lighting. In this article, we give you 5 helpful tips to solve the flicker of LED lighting!

  1. Do not try to reduce the intensity of dimmable LED lighting
    People often do not buy dimmable LED lights, but try to do so. As a result, the LED lamp does not get enough power to fully operate. Here’s how it starts to flash. Fortunately, this can be easily solved by buying a dimmable LED lamp. Or replace the drive with an appropriate switch.

Solution for flashing LED Bulb

Do not use a dimmer with non-dimmable LED lights as your LED lights will work properly.

  1. Use of an incandescent lamp regulator or a halogen lamp regulator
    Especially if you have just switched from incandescent or halogen lamps to LED lighting. Most likely, LED flickering is caused by the use of a defective dimmer. Most dimmers for incandescent or halogen lamps require minimal power to operate (for example, 25 watts). More information can be found here. LED lighting often has much less power to produce the same amount of light. These dimmers often do not work for LED lighting. The result is that the LED bulbs start to flash. Fortunately, this problem can also be easily solved by installing an LED dimmer.
  2. The wrong LED dimmer type
    You may also have purchased the wrong LED dimmer type. So that the LED bulbs can also start to blink. There are two types of LED dimmers, namely a phase gating dimmer and a phase gating dimmer. It is often difficult to find in the package. What kind of dimmer do you need to buy for the LED lamp. A “cut attenuation phase” is often referred to as the “leading edge of RL”. And a “Phase Cut Attenuator” with the term “RC Rear Edge”. If you find that the LED lamp you purchased is not suitable for the device. Therefore, it is often a cheaper solution to buy a new dimmable LED lamp instead of a new dimmer. More information can be found here.

Solution for flashing the LED Bulb

Then use the right dimmer with the right LED light.

  1. A defective driver
    A flashing LED can also be caused by a defective controller / transformer. A conductor break is characterized in that the LED begins to flash at night. Unfortunately, if the regulator is in the lamp, you will need to replace the entire lamp. The controller is located next to the LED lamp, it is also sufficient to replace only the single controller. If you have another witness working with the driver. Then replace the failed controller with the active controller to check if the controller makes a different decision.