18 Watt LED Panel Light Price In Pakistan

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18 Watt LED Panel Light Price In Pakistan

18 Watt LED Panel Specification

  • Long Life Up to 20,000-35,000 Hours Life
  • Environment Friendly No Mercury  No UV. harmless For Health
  • Range of colors Available In a Range Of Colors Various Colours Can Be Chosed For  Us
  • Safety Voltage Low Voltage To Drive Safety For  Using
  • Low Energy Consumption Up to 80% less Energy Consumption That Convention Lighting

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18 Watt LED Panel Light Price In Pakistan

18 Watt LED Panel Specification

 18 watt LED panel light price in Pakistan, We are based in Lahore, Pakistan for over 05 years, Maxx Lights is a lighting innovator. We are a local company with a global outlook. we understand the client’s needs in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and budget.

We are seeking distribution and backup network all over Pakistan.

18 watt led panel lights price in Pakistan , Using high-quality materials Maxx Lights offers the best quality LED lights at low prices through quality production. In addition, we offer after-sale services and genuine warranty which is unmatched in the lighting industry

Maxx LED LIGHTS manufacturer in PAKISTAN is one of the best market leaders in LED Lighting products and solutions for commercial and residential customers

18 watt LED panel light price in Pakistan, Maxx LED Lights to reduce your lighting cost by up to 80% so it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. our products do not only reduce your electricity bill but also durable and have a long life and are good for decorating event places.

Maxx LED Lights last 40 times longer than an average bulb, reducing the replacement cost. our products are not only fit for indoor places but also for outdoor places. as they are cost-effective and energy-saving so they are best for Industrial and home lighting.

Maxx LED Lights customers enjoy the best quality since we do care for our customers, therefore, we are providing a comprehensive warranty policy. we replace and no questions asked because we care about our customers. 18 watt LED panel light price in Pakistan,

 Maxx Lights, we are the pioneer to develop, sustainable and corporate social responsibility in lighting solutions to our customers. We believe in taking care of our environment and providing green energy solutions to our community.


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