40 watt Led Bulb Raw Material Price in Pakistan

40 watt Led Bulb Raw Material Price in Pakistan

✅ Driver 33+4.7
✅ Pcb 1.3 mm with 2mm thickness of heatsink
✅ A 120 PBT plastic body E27/B22
✅ 110 Lumens/ watt
✅ Bright light 6500k and 3500k
✅ Energy Saving

550 650

40 watt Led Bulb Raw Material Price in Pakistan


40Watt Led AC220-240Lumens: 4000lm Efficiency: 100lm/wLow Energy ConsumptionLow Maintenance CostShock Proof Vibration Proof Easy ReplacmentLong Voltage Range 150-300V

MAXX LED bulb is great lighting for standard E 27/B 22 to replace incandescent bulbs of 40 Watt, easy installation and instant-on.

MAXX LED BULB saves up to 85% of electrical power compared to traditional incandescent or Energy Saver More than 25000 hours life-span is available.

MAXX Best Quality LED chips to provide Eye protection and environment-friendly. No mercury, lead, UV or thermal radiation, better for your vision in the long run.

Featuring extra output high brightness and color light output with a wide 270 beam angle for diffuse light, ideally applicable for home and office.

With a much higher color consistency, MAXX LED lighting is more comfortable to your eyes than traditional light.

High transmittance cover with tenacity, Flame retardant material, Aluminum coated with good heat dissipation, ensure safety.

Wide led light bulb beam degree: to 300° degree, and reach to higher lumen than any other LED Provider.

Isolated power source, which can help short-circuit protection, overpressure, over-current, overheated, overcharged etc,

Warm-up time to 95% of full light output:<2S,

Longer lifespan: 30000 hours.

Beautiful appearance, super-brighter luminescence

40 watt Led Bulb Raw Material in Pakistan | Led Bulb Business Idea in Pakistan 



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