Diamond Rose Crystal Table Lamp Usb Rechargeable Table Lamp

Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp

*Touch on top of the lamp to change the color
*Touch the bottom to change the color of the light
*USB/battery powered, for 12 hours.
*It looks like a spotlight shining on the table
*The shadow like a rose blooming on the table.
*Our desk lamp with a unique design
*Suitable for hotels, dining tables, bedroom bedside, etc.
*Open this table lamp, it shines like a diamond

2,800.00 4,200.00

Diamond Rose Crystal Table Lamp


Introducing our exquisite Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp Bedside Acrylic USB Rechargeable Table Lamp, the epitome of elegance and functionality! This enchanting table lamp is meticulously crafted to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space while providing practical lighting solutions for your everyday needs.

Key Features:

Diamond Rose Crystal Design: The lamp’s unique diamond rose crystal design creates a mesmerizing play of light, scattering beautiful reflections around the room. It serves as an exquisite decorative piece, instantly elevating the aesthetics of your home or office.

Premium Acrylic Construction: Crafted with high-quality acrylic material, this table lamp boasts excellent durability and clarity. The acrylic body enhances the lamp’s overall allure and ensures a long-lasting, lustrous finish.

Adjustable Lighting: Our Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp offers versatile lighting options. With the touch-sensitive control panel, you can easily adjust the brightness levels to suit your preference – whether you need a soft, warm glow for relaxation or a bright light for reading or working.

USB Rechargeable & Cordless: Say goodbye to messy cords and constant battery replacements. This table lamp comes with a convenient USB charging feature, allowing you to charge it with ease using your laptop, power bank, or any USB adapter. The cordless design provides the freedom to place the lamp anywhere without restrictions.

Energy-Efficient LED Technology: The lamp’s built-in LED bulbs consume minimal energy while delivering a stunning luminance. Enjoy long hours of brilliant illumination without worrying about high electricity bills.

Multi-Functional: The Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp is perfect for various settings. It serves as an elegant bedside lamp, an ambient light for the living room, a stylish addition to your workspace, or even a romantic centerpiece for special occasions.

Compact & Portable: Its compact size allows easy portability, making it an ideal travel companion for hotel stays or camping trips. The lamp’s lightweight design ensures effortless carrying and storage.

Add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your living spaces with our Diamond Rose Crystal Lamp Bedside Acrylic USB Rechargeable Table Lamp. Whether you’re looking for a stunning decorative piece or a practical lighting solution, this lamp caters to all your needs. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality by getting yours today!