Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Stair Step Light Product Details:
Light Source: LED
Application: stairs,corridor, passageway
Lamp Body Material: Plastic
Input Voltage(V):85-265vac
Colour Temperature(CCT): 2700K (Soft Warm White)
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):35
Lifespan (hours):20000
Lighting solutions service:
Motion sensor: No
Product name: Step Light

1,200.00 1,700.00

Stair Lights Step Light for Stairs

Illuminate your stairway with the perfect blend of safety and style using stair lights available across Pakistan. Whether you are looking for LED stair lights, solar options, or advanced automatic stair light controllers, a diverse range of products awaits to meet your needs and preferences.

Automatic Stair Light Controllers: Automate your stair lighting with controllers that ensure lights are only on when needed, thus saving energy and extending bulb life. The price for these controllers starts from PKR 2,000, available at various local and online retailers.

LED Stair Lights: LED stairlights are popular for their efficiency and longevity. Prices vary depending on quality and brand, starting around PKR 1,500. You can find these on popular platforms like Maxx Led Lights and Maxx Lights, ensuring you can compare different options conveniently.

Outdoor Stair Lights: For outdoor staircases, choose robust lights designed to withstand weather elements. Prices for durable and weatherproof outdoor stair lights begin at PKR 3,000, ensuring safety and visibility in all conditions.

Stairs Light with Sensor: Enhance convenience and energy efficiency with sensor-equipped stair lights, which illuminate the area as soon as movement is detected. These are priced from PKR 2,200 and are excellent for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Step Light Price: Compact and discreet, step lights offer subtle yet effective lighting solutions for each stair tread. With prices starting at PKR 1,000, these lights provide a beautiful accent while ensuring functionality.

Incorporate stair lights into your home or commercial space to improve aesthetics while ensuring safety. Enhance your stair lighting experience with 7 watt led bulb for smaller areas, or opt for brighter 12 watt LED bulb options for broader staircases. For an energy-efficient upgrade, view the 7 watt Led Ceiling Light Energy-Efficient Lighting.

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