Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Stair Step Light Product Details:
Light Source: LED
Application: stairs,corridor, passageway
Lamp Body Material: Plastic
Input Voltage(V):85-265vac
Colour Temperature(CCT): 2700K (Soft Warm White)
Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):35
Lifespan (hours):20000
Lighting solutions service:
Motion sensor: No
Product name: Step Light

1,700.00 2,200.00

Stair Light Step Light for Stairs

Stair Step Light built-in  LED Step Stair light is mainly used in the lighting of corridors or stairs, built-in led lights for sensor.

Stair Lights

Stair Light LED Staircase light provides 35 lumens of light, This Stair Step Light also has a built-in sensor that turns the light off after 20 secs or 60 seconds of no motion detected. Stair Step Light can fit anywhere, Stair Light is perfect for stairs and passageways.


No need manually Switch on/off to control the light, you can manage it with Built-in Motion Sensor Light. The stair and step light always turn on when it detects motion from up to 15 feet away. the light sensor helps to prevent light from activating in daylight.
Energy Efficiency: Our high-quality LEDs never need to be replaced.

Led Step Light in Lahore

You can use it for multi-purpose: Motion-sensing lighting can brighten up patios, stairwells, hallways, walkways, porches, steps, staircases, entrances/exits and stairs. Almay Customized IC capacitor, High sensitivity and stability. Long lifetime. Save more than 90% of power consumption

3W Led Stair Step Light

3W Led Stair Step Light has a wide range of designs of lights. You can use this light for outdoor lighting in your house, garden, park, patio, pathway and fence. High-quality material The pathway light adopts premium materials that are wear-resistant corrosion resistant and is not catching rusty. It is durable and has a long life.

Stair Lights in Pakistan

The stair light has a Brightness, The stair step light contains build LEDs. It has high brightness and high colour rendering index. In addition, it has stable performance without flicking. waterproof lights, The outdoor and indoor Light uses selected material, which can effectively resist rain erosion, and the waterproof level reaches IP65. You can use it outdoors with assurance.