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10 Best led lights in Pakistan

10 Best led lights in Pakistan

LED lights are known as light effectors. Want to know why? They provide the brightest light, impressive reliability and consume less power. They have dominated the planetary light for years, and for all good reasons. In addition, LED technology has been the latest and most admirable lighting development for many years.
In today’s world, almost every home depends on LEDs. In addition, these smart tech lights are also used in vehicles such as cars, buses and bicycles. If you are looking for new and trendy LED lights for your room, living room or car, read on to learn more about the latest trends in LED lights in Pakistan.



Up down, COB LED lights offer the most stylish look with a rugged light type that looks captivating at night. Therefore, it is best to install it outdoors. These LED wall lamps provide upside downlights, giving the exterior of the house a very chic look. These are mostly waterproof, minimizing the potential for these LED lights to be affected by rain.


2. Solar Led Street Lights

Why Choose all in one solar street light Things you need to consider when you are working on a project about solar street lighting.  All-in-one solar street lights are independent of the public power grid and have cordless lighting that does not require a connection to a power company.

This reduces operating costs. Integrated solar street lights require less maintenance than traditional street lights. There is less risk of overheating and lower maintenance labour costs.

There are many accidents around the world, such as strangling maintenance personnel who repaired solar street lights and getting an electric shock. Solar cables have no additional cables, minimizing the risk of accidents.

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3. 7 watts SMD Downlight

7 watt SMD Ceiling is a unique design with a reflector and COB high power LED Chip. Short heat sink suitable for all kinds of installations. The aluminium profile provides excellent thermal dissipation.

The LED down-light is a remarkably sustainable lighting solution that consumes much less energy than halogen lights. The advanced technology associated with these lamps offers energy efficiency and high performance. Unlike traditional lighting that needs to be replaced regularly, a led downlight is durable and last up to 50,000 hours, which means there is no backlight.

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LED flame bulbs are quite a catch in these modern times. These LED bulbs give the sensation of a real flame because the light is inspired by the fire itself. However, it does not actually correlate with fire. Smart technology helps create the natural look of fire and you can enjoy the soothing effects of these fiery light bulbs. It can be installed anywhere from bedrooms and living rooms to street cafes, wedding halls and parties.

Flame LED Bulb Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs


5. LED FLAME Torchlight

Utilize excellent led flame torchlight on Maxx led lights to light up your space The led flame torchlight is super stylish, loaded with striking features, and astoundingly affordable

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6. Led Floodlights

LED Floodlights are used for outdoor lighting, facades and buildings This system takes full advantage of the light emitted and the projectors are ultra-low consumption.

LED Floodlight is a versatile floodlight engineered to deliver significant energy savings, LED floodlight bulbs are better and more affordable than ever before Here are the best ones.

Buy Floodlights at Maxx led lights Intense illumination Ideal for covering large surface areas Great additional security measure.

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7. Outdoor Garden lights Solar Jar Lamp

Get the best solar jar lights for the latest exclusive or personalised handmade components at a discounted rate Buy from our online store Maxx led lights. Aesthetic, immaculate and unique, the Solar Jar Lamp can add value to any exterior design. With a warm glow of LED light, this light fixture resembles something out of a fairytale.

Solar Garden lights Pakistan Solar Jar Lamp Outdoor

8. Rope Light LED Strip Light

Buy LED Rope Lights and other Electronic Products Online at Best Price in Pakistan At Maxx Led Lights in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan All Across Pakistan. The Lowest price of Led Strip Lights in Pakistan.

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9. COB Lights

COB Light, it is super bright in a small size, available at a reasonable price.
COB is uniquely designed with reflector and COB high power LED Chip Short heatsink suitable for all kinds of installations.

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10. LED Bulbs

At Maxx led lights Lighting, we provide completely reliable and high quality led bulb products in Pakistan at economical prices so get the best 12 watts led bulb price in Pakistan at our online store.

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