7 Watt SMD Downlight Raw material Price in Pakistan


7 Watt SMD Downlight Raw material Price in Pakistan

Body Type: Aluminium and plastic round shape

Driver: 9uf Hi-pcb real 6.50 wattt


7 Watt SMD Downlight Raw material Price in Pakistan

Body Type: Aluminium and plastic round shape

Driver: 9uf Hi-pcb real 6.50 wattt

Less Power & More Light

7 watt sms downlight Consuming just 7 Watt and still offering up to 1050 lumens, this slim LED ceiling light cuts down on energy consumption without compromising on light output.

A Better Quality of Light

7 watt smd downlight Thanks to the frosted diffuser lens, the starkness of the light is reduced to produce a softer, more subtle glow with a wide 120-degree beam angle.

Quality Assured

Made with the finest components, the 7 SMD DOWNLIGHT has been designed to give you 30,000 hours of service.
And, as with all our bulbs and spotlights, it comes with an enhanced 3-year warranty upon registration.

Installation Information

7 watt smd downlight You will need to recess this light into your ceiling/wall using a ?110mm cut out. Please note that this light can’t be surface mounted.
It comes complete with an LED driver which uses a simple ‘male to female’ connection for ease of installation.

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We are based in Lahore, Pakistan for over 05 years, Maxx Lights is a lighting innovator. We are a local company with a global outlook. we understand the client’s needs in terms of efficiency, sustainability, and budget.

We are seeking distribution and backup network all over Pakistan.

Using high-quality materials Maxx Lights offers the best quality LED lights at low prices through quality production. In addition, we offer after-sale services and genuine warranty which is unmatched in the lighting industry.

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Maxx LED Lights to reduce your lighting cost by up to 80% so it will significantly reduce your electricity bill. our products do not only reduce your electricity bill but also durable and have a long life and are good for decorating event places.

Maxx LED Lights last 40 times longer than an average bulb, reducing the replacement cost. our products are not only fit for indoor places but also for outdoor places. as they are cost-effective and energy-saving so they are best for Industrial and home lighting.

Maxx LED Lights customers enjoy the best quality since we do care for our customers, therefore, we are providing a comprehensive warranty policy. we replace and no questions asked because we care about our customers.


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