Portable Usb Light For Room Mini Usb Led Night Light

Portable USB Light For Room

Low power consumption, high brightness
This LED light can be used anywhere
Portable and easy to carry
Adopt high technology
Compatible with all standard USB devices
Light color: warm light/white light
Power: 1W
Voltage: 5V-0.2A
Size: 25x35mm
Product color temperature: white light (6500K)
Application Bedroom, Study Room, Going out, etc.


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Portable USB Light For Room Mini Usb Led Night Light

Introducing the “Portable USB Light for Room” – Your Versatile Illumination Solution!

Illuminate your living space with the convenience and flexibility of our Portable USB Light for Room. Designed to be your reliable lighting companion, this compact and stylish LED light offers a host of features to enhance your everyday life.

Key Features:



Adjustable Brightness:


Easy to Use:

Flexible Neck:

Durable Build: